Fingering Chart (see tips below)

Recorder Notes Fingering Chart

Holding the recorder

Use the pads of your fingers to get the best seal.

When you uncover a hole, keep your finger close to the hole. Don't let your fingers "fly" high above, because that makes it harder to cover the hole again.

Getting a good sound

Play softly. When you play, think of whispering in someone's ear. Blowing too hard will make the recorder go "sharp," and it will be impossible to play low notes. If your low notes squeak and sound too high, it might mean you are blowing too hard.

Whisper "tu" or "du" to articulate each note. Don't "huff" to start your air. The difference sounds like this:

Thumb technique

The "half thumb" for high notes is more like 90% covered. Just leave a tiny gap for the air.

Thumb technique 1: Pinching - For the "half thumb" notes, put your thumbnail against the upper edge of the thumb hole to create a tiny gap:

Thumb technique 2: Rolling - Rock your thumb backwards slightly to create a tiny gap:

Practice your thumb technique by moving back and forth between low G and high G. Only your thumb changes.

Using the Application

Slow down the music and practice short sections of the music at a time.

Use the Repeat button to repeat 8 measures of music over and over to learn it. The 1/2 button does the same thing, but the tempo gradually increases on each repeat.

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